our spirits

All of our spirits are produced from Norfolk Sugar beet and distilled at The English Spirit Distillery in Great Yeldham. Infused with Cascade and East Kent Goldings hops and perfectly balanced and work beautiful across our three products thanks to the award winning Master Distiller Dr John Walters


hopton gin 45% abv

Infused with Cascade and East Kent Golding’s hops and perfectly balanced with Lavender, Coriander, Macadamia nut,Seville orange and of course juniper! A beautiful yet unusual hop combination that’s just delicious, followed by hints or Lavender and Seville orange. Super smooth even for 45%!!You have to taste it to believe it!


hopped vodka 40% abv

Infused with the same hops of Cascade and East Kent Goldings and that’s it…..pure, vibrant floral citrus hop notes with a smooth warming finish.