Welcome to PELL&CO and our 'Hopton Gin'  Beautifully crafted in Great Yeldham using East Kent Golding Hops and Cascade Hops. HOPS.....yes hops!! Usually an ingredient to brew beer, our gin has sparked beer lovers to enjoy this unique tipple as well as gin lovers! The hops floral and citrus features have married exquisitely with juniper and balancing flavor's of Coriander, Macadamia nut, lavender and Seville orange.

We now have our Hopped Vodka too! Infused with the same hops,Cascade and East Kent Goldings but a completely different delivery on taste. Its a very vibrant citrus note with earthy and grassy tones. A fabulously refreshing vodka tonic drink. 

Our gin is produced in small batches using copper swan neck alembic stills at the award winning English Spirit Distillery. Unlike some gin's, our gin is distilled using a vodka base handmade on site from Norfolk sugar beet. With that, our botanical's are added at different stages before distilling them altogether. When the carefully controlled distil has reached perfection and the unwanted and bitter components banished and the aromas released, the gin is cut with 5 times purified water in a separate 200 litre still. 

  Where the magic happens at  The English Spirits Distillery!

Where the magic happens at The English Spirits Distillery!

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